I would like to acknowledge the people and ministries that have had a direct impact on me personally, my spiritual growth, and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father and the work of His Holy Spirit.

In our lives there are those people (and ministries) that have shaped, moulded, healed,  restored, and significantly impacted our hearts and minds in our personal quest to know God and have an intimate relationship with Him. The people listed below have contributed in such ways to my life.

Most of them I know (or have known at a specific time of my life) personally but some of them I have had only contact through services/conventions/seminars attended or through brief conversations.

I know that depending on your point of view on certain Scriptural topics (or depending on where you are now in your spiritual growth), you may or may not approve of some of these ministers.

I make no apologies but recognize that at a specific point in time in my search for knowing and understanding God better, He has thought it good to bring these people across my path – or vice versa.

I am grateful for what I have gained, learnt, and experienced through the lives and work of these ministers of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

I have been in ministry since 2000 and senior pastor of a small family-orientated independent Church since 2002.

  • I have traveled and ministered in Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda several times over a period of 7 years.
  • I have had a program on the SpiritWord Satellite TV-channel called: My Father’s business, which was viewed by more than 400mil viewers worldwide.
As a minister it has always been my dream to travel and minister in different countries of the world.
  • I believe God has given me a gift of understanding (spiritual and emotional) growth processes.
  • I also believe God gave me the ability to recognize and understand the relation between spiritual truths, scientific discoveries and the social sciences (science is only proving & confirming spiritual principles).
  • I have a strong teaching anointing and loves nothing more than to teach and present workshops 🙂