(How to…#1) be born again.

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"You must be born again"

I’ve realised very few people know , or can explain to someone else, what happens when you are born again.

This is not a matter of concern when one is young in the Lord, for likewise a child does not know the process of conception and birth until (usually) teenage years.  But as you mature, you need to be rooted in the basic doctrines of Christ and be able to help/teach others. (Heb 5:12; 1 Tim 4:13-16)

Jesus said that in order to understand and enter the kingdom of God,

you need to be born again. (John 3:3-8)

Conception and birth.

1. Natural conception and birth

  • Under normal circumstances, before conception can take place, there has to be a mutual agreement between the man and woman.
  • Conception occurs when the sperm of a male and the egg of a female joins (through the act of intercourse) to form an embryo.
  • Cells keep multiplying and the fetus grows within the mother’s womb for 40 weeks until birth.
  • For the biological conception of a child the seed/DNA of the parents are essential.

2. The conception and birth of Jesus Christ.

(In everything, Jesus Christ was and is the example – the pattern.)

  • The angel (messenger) Gabriel brought a message to Mary of God’s plan.  (Luke 1:26-33)
  • Mary accepted his word and God’s plan for her life.  (Luke 1:38, 45)
  • The Spirit of God then came upon her; God’s power overshadowed her and impregnated her with the Father’s seed.  (Luke 1:35)
  • The Son of God grew in her womb until the proper time of birth.  (Luke 2:6; Gal 4:4-5)

Spiritual Conception

To be born again is a work of God done through His Spirit. (John 3:6; Titus 3:5, 1Cor 4:15b)

We need a messenger to bring the message of redemption, sanctification, and righteousness (God’s plan for humankind) to us. (Luke 24:47; Romans 10:14-15)

God prepares our hearts to receive this word of salvation. (Acts 16:14)

We have to accept this message and (1) believe God raised Christ from the dead and (2) confess Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Lord over our lives.  (Romans 10:9-11; Acts 2:21, 24, 32; 8:37; John 3:16)

The Spirit of God will come upon us; the power of the Most High will overshadow us (whether we feel anything or not) and impregnate us with the Divine seed.  (1 Pet 1:4, 23; 2 Pet 1:4; Titus 3:5)

The only sin we need to repent of, is that we did not acknowledge and believe Him to be the Son of God and Lord of all.  (John 16:8-9)

Through His blood, we are cleansed and the gift of eternal Life is received by grace.  (Acts 15:11; Rom 5:9-11; Eph 2:5,8)

As a child of God we now have His seed/DNA!  (This will over a period of time produce his nature, character and attributes in our lives.)

We will know in our hearts that we are His children – we just know!  (Rom 8:16)

The full manifestation of Christ’s nature, character, fruit, and attributes will be seen over time as the Divine seed is growing within us under the power of the Holy Spirit.  (Romans 8:19; 2 Cor 1:22; Eph 1:13-14; 4:30; Heb 2:10; 1 John 3:1)

Are you born again?

How do you know?

If you are, does the divine seed of God grow within you?

And, how do you suppose your life will change and look over time?


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