Lessons from the life of Aaron (1)

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The Bible states that Jesus Christ is a high priest and we are a royal priesthood. Therefore, we can learn a lot from the life of Aaron and his sons – the first high priest and priests of Israel. Heb 3:1; 1 Pet 2:9


  • The Bible states that Aaron and Moses were brothers (Aaron three years older than Moses) and from the tribe of Levi. Ex 4:14; Ex 7:7
  • Aaron became the “middleman” between Moses and Pharaoh and then later between God and Israel. Ex 4:29-30; Ex 7:1-2;
  • Aaron had four sons, which became the first priests and Aaron the first High Priest. Ex 6:23; Ex 28:1-2; Ex 29:4-7
  • To be a priest, one had to be of the tribe of Levi. Num 3:6; Num 3:32; Deut 8:1; Deut 21:5
  • Only those of the bloodline of Aaron could be priests. Ex 28:1; Ex 30:30; Lev 1:8; Num 3:10
  • Furthermore, a son of Aaron could only be a priest if he had no blemish or physical deformity. Lev 21:21
  • And only those of thirty years old could minister at the Tabernacle. Num 4:4-39
  • Aaron had special clothes made for him and had to be anointed with uncommon oil. Ex 28:3-39; Ex 29:21; Ex 30:25; Lev 8:10-12; Lev 21:10
  • His clothes were for glory and honour. Ex 28:4
  • The four colours of his garments were gold, blue, purple and scarlet. Ex 28:6
  • Aaron and his sons were first washed before they could be clothed with the high priest’s and priests’ clothing. Ex 29: 4; Lev 8:6
  • The high priest was the only one who could carry the Urim and Thummim. Ex 28:30; Lev 8:8; Ezra 2:63; Neh 7:65


Jesus Christ was not a Levite but from the tribe Judah (the same as King David). Matt 1:1; John 7:42; Rom 1:3; 2 Tim 2:8; Heb 7:14

He changed the priesthood from a natural, Levitical to a spiritual, after the order of Melchisedec one. Heb 5:10; Heb 6:20; Heb 7:11



What is true for the Master can be true for His disciples. Luke 6:40



But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Pet 2:9


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