Lessons from a place called Bethel

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  • We find the word Bethel sixty times in the Bible, all of it in the OT.
  • Bethel means House of God.
  • The first occurrence is in Gen 12:8 when Abram pitched his tent at Bethel and called upon the name of the Lord – the God of glory. See Acts 7:2
  • At Bethel, Jacob used a stone as a pillow and sleeping, had a dream of a ladder with angels going up and down to the throne of God.
  • Jacob took the stone, poured oil upon it, and named the place (again) – “The house of God”.
  • He also made a vow to give unto God a tenth part of his substance if God would provide and protect him. Gen 28:10-22
  • Samuel used Bethel as one of the places/towns where he judged Israel. 1 Sam 7:15-16
  • It was also the residence of the sons of the prophets in the days of Elijah and Elisha. 2 Kings 2:3
  • And the priests taught the people the ways of God at Bethel. 2 Kings 17:24-29

No mention is made of the place Bethel in the NT.

But, here we find a person, a man who was the house of God.

His name is Jesus Christ – the living house of the God of glory. John 1:14

It is His plan that we corporately as well as individually become the house of God.

May we grow together unto this spiritual house, where the glory of the Lord becomes visible to all.


May we function as the royal priests of God, hearing, living and teaching the ways of God.


May we all come to that place where we manifest the divine nature and character of God.


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